what is a dutch oven used for?

    what is a dutch oven used for

    Have you heard about the dutch oven? what is a dutch oven used for? You’re surely in love with a freshly baked loaf of bread and if it is from your kitchen it is seriously awesome. How it is made? But how to get it with very little effort? Okay, if there is a ‘Dutch Oven’ you haven’t even think of it. Then why shouldn’t I recommend you some background, friend!

    What is a Dutch oven?

    We all like soups, stews. On the other hand, a party couldn’t be proper without roasts and casserole dishes. You can call it a multipurpose machine that can be used for several cooking tasks. Any type of conventional thing can be made by this.

    What is a Dutch oven doing? It can create steam inside the pot and the heavy lid reserves steam that makes a lovely crunchy crust.

    The Dutch oven has a glorious past. The age-old European techniques are used in an iron pot which is a closed clay pot from inside. An original dutch oven, which is a heavy, thick-walled pot, was made with the row cast iron. Dutch ovens are made for outdoor especially camping it’s highly requested. It has “leg-less” or ” leg-free” versions which are now produced commercially for use in the kitchen. Nowadays, there is two category’s Dutch oven, and each can offering you a set of perks and shortcoming. The pot of cast iron either be bare or enameled. Between two, bare cast iron oven is seasoned.

    Bare Cast Iron

    Cast Iron Dutch Oven offers you the advantage of the use and permanency of cookware. It consists of a superior heat conductor and is the justified material for quality cookware. It can resist comparatively high temperatures without any type of erosion. This texture adds a new dimension to the cooking applications.

    Enameled Cast Iron

    Enameled cast iron has a metal or ceramic core. Ceramic also provided heat very well and for the coating, it is easy to use anywhere.

    Enamel has amazing strength and it is as durable as cast iron. Iron becomes rusty without any cause.

    Without seasoning, the enamel is mostly cleansing. Though some producer refers to washing cookware by hand as it gives longevity.

    On the other hand, it is more expensive. In the worst case, it can be chip and without non-metal knobs, it is unusual in the highest heat.

    Buying Guide for Dutch Oven

    And lastly, then you get to buy a Dutch oven, you should take a look at some important pinpoints. As I want to help you to get the right product I give some tips for you to need below:

    It gives a pretty result whenever bread is baking in a Dutch oven with some smaller nod. Probably, the shape of your oven that is limited is the only defect.

    • Shape- your presenting baking bread is surely dependant on the shape of your oven.
    • Depth is important to not to flattered your loaf.
    • Convenience of use: like effortless cleaning method.
    • Capacity for the right size for your bread loaf.
    • Handle for an easy and safe restraining.
    • Lid- holding out steam for proper baking.
    • Price- Based on price Dutch oven can be categories as premium, French-made brands, mid-tier models, and low-cost brands.
    • Materials can be cast iron or enameled based.

    I want to share some of my selection including this point and also suit a range of budget.

    Best Dutch Oven for Baking Bread

    1. Le Creuset Signature Enameled 5.5 quart (top pick)

    This meekly sized cookware (view on Amazon) whatever it is small in comparison, is an awesome addition for your kitchen.

    In terms of diameter and depth, its services are pretty smooth. You can present a fancy and aesthetic bread by using this.

    Le Creuset’s lid is enough heavy that it doesn’t bothered you and ensure your baking also. It can intercept, test, wetness and temperature in time of baking.

    This model is available in many attractive colors that surely deserve your satisfaction.

    Le Creuset’s producers committed the plastic knob can pretend temperature up to 500 F but I recommend you cover up the knob properly to avoid any damage.


    • Aesthetic look for various colours.
    • Heavy lids that keep food taste.
    • Easy cleaning method.
    • Manageable cooking ware size.
    • Superior heat distribution.
    • Easy-grip with a large handle.
    • Longevity


    • The plastic knob that needs cover.
    • Limited lifetime warranty.
    • Kind of expensive

    2.Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven, EC6D43 (Budget Pick)

    The Dutch oven is with enameled interior and for this, it is more helpful to handle all types of heavy tasks including bread baking. For your kind information, it is available on Amazon in a different shape from others as it has curved sides.

    It’s cast iron is interior with a chip resistance, porcelain enamel finish and it is specifically good for roasting, broiling, braising and baking. Non-cooking tasks like marinate, leavening and serving are also doing by it.

    This model offering you a secure grip with loop side handles that made with cast iron. It is also featured with a metal knob that is suited better in the oven.

    It can be an economical option with all these features.


    • 6-quart capacity.
    • Easy removal of bread with a slightly curved side.
    • Metal knob.
    • Comparatively good performance.
    • Affordable price.


    • May not aesthetic in look.
    • Hand washes only.

    3.Staub 5.5 Round Dutch Oven

    On this list, the Staub model is a serious competitor as it featured a sturdy cast iron pot from France. With a 6 quart capacity, this dutch oven has a stylish look. It is covering to chipping, cracking or roasting.

    Heat tolerance of this model is up to 900F for the pot and 500 F for the lid. The lid is exposed with a nickel steel knob that ensures safety while using the pot in a high-temperature oven.

    It also has a tight-fitting lid for smooth cooking performance. For correct heat distribution, it has an enamel bottom feature. Its width and depth give spaces for rising to bread.


    • 6-quart capacity.
    • More smart look than others.
    • Both dishwashing and handwashing can accept but hand wash is recommended.
    • Safe up to 900 F.


    • Careful handling need.
    • Kind of pricey.

    4.Analon Vesta Cast Iron, 5-quart Dutch Oven

    It gives you a cast iron Dutch oven with a wide and a high base. This pot is decorated with a sturdy porcelain enamel outer. Its lid is with a large stainless steel loop handle on it that makes it easy to grip. It can provide 500 F temperature skillfully. It is easy to clear. There is a stain-resistant black matte interior confines browning. You can get a better experience every time for it’s flat base.


    • Available in two color
    • More spaces for baking.
    • Large lid hand for easy movement.
    • Friendly for heavy duties.
    • Well service provider.


    • As a new brand, the product is kind of expensive.

    5.Lodge L8DD3 Double Dutch Oven

    Lodge gives you a second alternative with its longevity and high interpretation. It is a multipurpose cooking ware with a 5-quart capacity. It sustains a preseason cast iron model with a tight-fitting lid that locks steam. As a sleek black model, it can easily suit every kitchen. It is an adorable option for your bank balance. If you are a cook fanatic person or die-hard cast iron fan then it is an obvious choice for you.


    • 5quart capacity.
    • Heavy duty performance.
    • Adequate heat distribution.


    • Hand washes only.
    • Limited lifetime warranty.

    So Which Dutch Oven one should you buy?

    When it is a question of buying a Dutch oven, besides wallet you should furthermore think about some other qualities that give you satisfaction.

    First of all, those producers who have their factories enable you to maintain a good standard for your priority. They also try to make sure about their delivery, quality control.

    The second consideration should for the weight of the cookware. Generally , it should feel heavy when it is held with thick walls and base.

    The quality of the lid is an important topic for a baking oven. Make sure that your chosen one has a withstand, a fitting lid that gives you food’s right texture.

    And now you’re ready to go and get your best experience with the dutch oven. Remember our pros and cons, other suggestion and hope it will be helpful for you. Happy shopping!

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