Best garden trowel 2021

    Without garden trowel can you imagine gardening, huh? Want to know about the best garden trowel?

    best garden hand trowel

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    Gardening is not a  hobby but a necessity for us at this time of global warming. That’s why you are spending more time gardening now than ever before. But your efforts are likely to be wasted without the right tools for the job. That’s why we have decided a review an essential gardening tool. In this article, we find out the best gardening trowels for you. It will obviously make your gardening job easier.

    By using  garden hand trowel you can repot seedlings easily. It will let you to dig through any type of soil( like from soft clay soil, peaty stuff to sandy soil and chalky or hard soil) easily by your hand without losing extra physical force.  It will also help you to extricate deep rooted plants speacially weeds or unnecessary seedlings from silty or hard packed soil.

    These trowels can fulfil you multipurpose like digging up holes,  mixing dry fertilizers, transferring seedling to weeding and breaking up the earth. You need to choose a trowel designed with an all in one approach to undertake a wide range of jobs. Here,  we recommend the best 7 garden hand trowels for you on the basis of product quality, experts suggestions and ability to cope with your requirements.


    On the basis of following criteria we have picked the trowels

    1. Sharpness : sharpness of trowels border let you to dig or crack hard soil easily without extra force and to cut soft soil with a sharp shape for various purposes.

    2. Materials : Materials indicates the sturdiness. Plastic or resin trowel are not so sturdy as metal one. Plastic mayerials allow the trowels to be moulded and handles are less likely to come unstuck.

    3. Grip features:  the engraved features let you to replant seedling easily to precise depth. When hands are muddy and wet,  some kind of extra feature are lifesaver.

    4. Versatility: versatility of features will let your trowel to cope with various challenges like digging, transferring seedling,  mixing fertilizers and breaking hard earth.

    Best 7 garden trowels


    Features :

    * Sharpness : stainless steel head with pointed tip

    * Shape : Heart shape

    * Materials: stainless steel

    * product dimension : 36X10X5.2 cm

    * product weight : 350 gm

    *Grip features : ash wood handle for a ideal grip.

    Pros :

    +  For its wood handle, it is very comfortable to grip

    + stainless steel is rust proof

    + high durity

    + it has good depth to head

    + contain ideal features for weeding, digging, planting.

    Cons :

    – Not suitable to scoop for pointed head.

    2.DeWit Planting Trowel

    Feature :

    * Sharpness : sharpened edge

    * Materials : carbon steel

    * Grip feature:  ash wood handle

    * product dimension : 16 cm long X 7.5 cm wide


    + sharpened edge let you to penetrate soil easily

    + well balanced

    + ideal for scooping and general tilling

    + having finest hand crafted features

    +  sturdy,  carbon steel is tougher than stainless steel

    + burnished feature to prevent rusting.

    Cons :

    – Hanging holes cause rubs

    3.Niwaki Moku trowel


    * Sharpness : sharpened

    * Materials : carbon steel

    * product dimension : 32 cm large

    * grip features : beech wood handle.


    + Comfortable to grip

    + light weight

    + strong and sturdy

    + rust proof blade

    + let to dig plants and weeds effortlessly

    + handcrafted trowel

    + it comes with two years guarntee


    – limited to light garden use

    – not able to dig in heavy or unbroken soil

    4. Wilkinson sowrd stainless steel hand trowel


    *  Sharpness : well sharpened

    * Materials :stainless steel

    * Product dimension : 1X1X1 cm

    * weight: 240 gm

    * Grip features : ash wood handle

    Pros :

    +  ideal for scooping, digging and weeding

    + well balanced and light weight

    + comfort to grip

    + weatherproofed

    + sharpness help you to cut  efficiently  through soil

    + usefull for potting on


    – limited to light use

    5. Gardena comfort hand trowel


    * Sharpnesses : well sharpened

    * Materials : plastic, metal

    * Product dimension : 39.1X26.2 X7.5 cm

    * weight : 360 gm

    * grip features : plastic handle

    Pros :

    + high durability

    + light and comfort

    + comes with 25 years guarantee

    + great for planting

    + head is long


    –  inefficient for some jobs like weeding

    – particular awkard for smaller hand

    6. Sneeboer transplanting trowel half round


    * Sharpness : not so sharp

    * Materials : stainless steel

    * product dimension :3.26 X9.4X 3 cm

    * weight : 300 gm

    * Grip features : ash wood handle

    Pros :

    + well balanced & comfortable

    + work best on lighter soil

    + rust proof

    + head comes with warranty of 10 years and wood with one year.


    – it is expensive

    – doesn’t have good leverage

    7. Spear and jackson kew garden collection never bend carbon hand trowel


    * Sharpness : not so sharp

    * Materials : carbon steel

    * Product dimension : 1.26X3.15X3.54 inches

    * color : blue

    * Grip features : ash wood handle

    Pros :

    +  it has good leverage

    + well for both planting and digging

    + Sturdy.

    + weatherproof carbon steel head

    + it is guaranteed for 15 years


    – heavy weight

    – very small,  best for small hand

    Common concern

    Q. What are the uses of garden trowels?

      Answer: you can use it for digging holes easily in any type of soil from soft to hard soils,  extricate deep roots from hard packed soil,  mixing up dry fertilizers, breaking up earth.

    Q. How to use a garden trowel to dig a hole?

    Answer : First, place the pointed tip in the soil, pressure the handle then push the blade into the ground soil untill the soil touch the bottom of the tang. After that lever the handle and lift the trowel.

    Q. What are the materials of garden trowel blade?

    Answer : The blade or head of garden trowel can be made of five different materials

    • Carbon steel 
    • Stainless steel
    • Plastic or resin
    • Aluminium
    •    Bronze

    Q. Which type of garden trowel blade material is best for you?

    Answer:  you should choose stainless steel blade because it is light to use but still sturdy enough to dig into hard soil.

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