25 kitchen essential list you should know

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    Every kitchen has tools that are essential to cooking. You need to know about kitchen essential list to make your kitchen experiences easier. Some of these might be different depending on the type of cuisine you cook, but there is one thing for sure: every single person dreams of having a clean and spacious space in their house with all types of utensils at hand! The following list includes 25 items that we believe should make it into your arsenal if you want to succeed as an artist-cook; some will disagree and claim X or Y would have been better suited in this list.

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    25 kitchen essential list are given below

    Wooden spoon

    Stirring is one of the important kitchen skills. If you don’t know how to do it, get a wooden spoon! It won’t make your food taste like metal, so why not invest in this versatile tool?

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    Off-Set Spatula

    This spatula is great for flipping pancakes, eggs benedict, and omelets; but it’s also an all-purpose utensil that cooks sauté vegetables with aplomb. As someone who loves brunch (who doesn’t?), I can’t leave out the godfather of breakfast tools!

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    Rubber Spatula

    The spatula can be used for all things breakfast including cooking eggs and pancakes. It’s also great for sautéing vegetables like onions, garlic, or mushrooms to add flavor to a dish! You need one of these at your fingertips when you are whipping up any recipe that includes bacon, sausage links, or crêpes because the best way to get them out is with a flip from this utensil which does it with grace instead of turning an entire pan upside down just trying to extract those tiny pieces.

    The spatula has been around since ancient times but its use was not widespread until modern-day kitchens came into existence. This tool shines through as being useful during brunch where there’s so much going on – everything needs

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    You can’t stir, pour or grab anything without tongs. Grabbers are not just for grabbing things! They’re your best friend in the kitchen because you need them to pick up hot pans and plates from a stovetop as well as removing food that’s stuck on baking sheets. You also use those handy little tools when cooking pasta: they help keep noodles afloat while boiling water is poured over it so nothing sticks together during cooking. Tongs make life much easier – all three of these movements will be simpler with this basic tool around!


    Think of a cook preparing the perfect apple pie. The fluffy, sweet crust is poured into the pan and then baked to perfection. Now imagine that same baker trying to prepare this dessert with only a spoon; they would not be able to mix all those ingredients well enough for it to bake properly! This is why whisks are so important in cooking – there’s nothing better than stirring up batter or eggs quickly and easily with one of these handy tools!

    A whisk can help you get every last bit of flour off your countertops after baking bread too – just watch out when using metal ones on delicate surfaces like marble as scratches will appear more readily!

    Rolling pin

    Rolling pins are one of the most versatile baking tools you’ll ever use. Whether or not you bake, a rolling pin will still come in handy when making anything from pie crusts to biscuits and even sushi rolls!

    Food Processor

    If you’re looking for an appliance that can do it all, then a food processor is your best bet. From chopping to blending and more, this multipurpose tool will save you time in the kitchen!

    If there’s one essential appliance in every cook’s arsenal, it has to be the trusty ol’ Food Processor. With its versatility of uses ranging from quick chopping or pureeing any type of ingredient -to making sauces-this handy device will help make cooking dinner easy as pie (or easier)!

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    Stand Mixer

    A stand mixer is vital kitchen equipment that really can’t be replaced. I never knew how much of an impact it would have in my baking until recently when something happened to mine, and now everything tastes different! It helps create dough for anything you’ll ever bake – cakes, cookies, bread. So many items are made easier with the help of your trusty stand mixer. The best part about these mixers? They’re pretty easy on space because they come equipped with their storage container underneath where all attachments go which makes them perfect for small kitchens too!

    stand mixer.jpg

    In the kitchen, you have to measure things. Sometimes it’s one of those irrefutable laws until you get good enough or just need a dash and handfuls instead so that cup measures are great for liquids but how do we weigh solids? That’s right, with scales! Bam-usefulness.

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    Sauté Pan

    One of the most important pans in a chef’s kitchen is their saute pan. It can be used to prepare everything from eggs for breakfast, all the way up to seared steak and vegetables with wine sauce as an elegant dinner dish!

    Sauteing food items are one of the bedrocks on which cooking has been built- without these frying skills your chances of becoming a successful chef may dwindle significantly. A perfect example would be when preparing something like seared beef and veggies over white rice garnished with lemon zest — this could not even exist if you couldn’t fry it first by using some sort of stovetop or oven friendly flat iron cookware (perhaps, say…a sauté pan?).

    Sauté Pan.jpg
    Cast-Iron Skillet

    Cast-iron skillets are not only versatile but also durable. They can withstand high amounts of heat and retain it for a long time so you don’t have to worry about using the back burner or constantly flipping your food over during cooking like with other pans. Cast-iron is nonstick because its oiled surface has been heated at such extreme temperatures that oils melt deep into pores in the metal which means there’s very little need to use butter/oil when pan-frying too!

    Cast-Iron Skillet.jpg
    Stock Pot

    Believe it or not, you can still make great stock without a pot. Well, that’s only if I was talking about chicken broth! And no matter how much of a pasta fanatic you are; let me tell ya’, forget your noodles and go straight for the poached veggies – which is another reason why this kitchen tool should be considered as important as salt and pepper in any home cook’s arsenal.

    Stock Pot.jpg

    Trying to cook without a colander is about as efficient and fun as trying to dry your hair with wet hands.

    If you’ve ever had to cook on an outing without a strainer, then you know exactly how useful it can be. Picture trying to drain off the water in some of that hard-earned food while keeping all of the ingredients intact and out from under running faucets? Straining food makes life so much easier – imagine if cooking was possible like this!

    Dutch Oven

    The Dutch oven is more versatile than the cast-iron skillet because it can be used for a variety of dishes. It’s perfect for browning meat and making stews or chili, as well as cooking vegetables and rice in the same pot! The lid keeps heat locked inside so you don’t have to watch over your dish like an anxious mother hen; instead, just pop on some bread dough with flour (to make delicious crusty rolls) before sealing up that heavy metal lid.

    Dutch Oven.jpg
    Metal Baking Pan

    It’s a cakewalk! With all of the recipes, you’ll need to bake something. When that time comes, it might as well be with your favorite metal baking pan because they’re perfect for cakes and cookies- so much better than using aluminum pans or cast iron skillets even though those are usually best if what you want are the bread and some other baked goods.

    Metal Baking Pan.jpg
    Nesting Set

    A nesting set is a series of different-sized bowls that are incredibly helpful for mixing things and making dishes. These sets have so many uses, but one example includes using the smaller bowl to mix baking ingredients before you put them into the larger dish.

    Now we get to the “food prep” section which has an important list — including a nesting set! This series of different-sized bowls can be used for everything from cooking eggs or scrambling vegetables right on up to mashing potatoes! A lot of people may not know about these because they seem like such simple tools with their obvious use being storing leftovers when something goes wrong (which I admit does happen) but did you know it was more common than even refrigerators?

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    Cutting Board

    The importance of having a huge cutting board is that it will eliminate the need for you to switch outboards every time you’re doing something different. For example, if we have three chopping tasks: carrots, onions, and celery then all those ingredients can be cut on one large surface area without switching over to two or more surfaces! This saves us time from always going back and forth in between multiple objects which could also lead to messier situations with your cuts as they get mixed up before being placed into dishes. Get yourself an amazing big cutting board today so that things don’t take longer than necessary when getting ready for cooking tomorrow’s supper.

    cutting board.jpg
    Measuring Cups

    A measuring cup is a kitchen staple that every budding cook should have. A perfect addition to any novice chef’s arsenal of culinary tools, or for someone who just wants more control over their cooking time and recipes!

    A lot has changed in the world of cuisine since chefs were masters at all things in the kitchen, but now they can get back on top with some help from measuring cups. The days when you could measure your ingredients by eye are long gone—especially if you haven’t honed those skills quite yet into true mastery as an aspiring master chef. Get one step closer to being like Julia Child without even realizing it: Buy yourself a set today!

    Measuring Cups.jpg
    Measuring Spoons

    Measuring cups and measuring spoons are both necessary for cooking. One is used to measure dry ingredients like flour, while the other measures wet substances like milk or water.

    Some people think having a lot of kitchen tools can be just as confusing as it’s helpful; however, there’s no denying that some things make easier work than others do. For example all-purpose spatulas versus pancake flippers – typically you wouldn’t use an ordinary spoon for pancakes because they’re sticky and difficult to flip with one hand without dropping them on your griddle!

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    Chef’s Knife

    A sharp knife is an essential tool in any kitchen. It has a wide range of uses and feels great to cut with, but you should know how to use it correctly so that your fingers are safe as well! When first getting the chef’s knife to hold it by placing both hands on either side of where the blade meets the handle then slide down until you feel comfortable holding one hand at each end. This way when chopping meat or vegetables for cooking they will fall straight off instead of being stuck between blades which could lead to injury. A few more tips: before slicing into anything always take time practicing cutting through some parchment paper or bread just like they taught us back in Home Ec class; be sure not to slice too deep because this can cause injuries.

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    Paring Knife

    Paring knives are as essential to the kitchen as a chef’s knife, but with one major difference. Unlike their larger counterpart which cuts away from you when slicing through something like an onion or zucchini, these small blades cut towards you for more intricate and minute cutting tasks. This is advantageous because they can easily help peel oranges to avoid bruising them!

    Paring Knife.jpg
    Bread Knife

    No one knows where the bread knife originally came from, but we do know that it was first used in a kitchen. The blade of this ingenious tool is serrated and has an ergonomic handle to make cutting easier on your hands when slicing through tough crusts or soft doughy centers. Many bakers have found themselves using these knives for all sorts of tasks like halving rolls before baking them or peeling apples so they don’t turn brown while cooking!

    bread knife.jpg
    Y-shaped Vegetable Peeler

    The Y-shaped peeler is king for its forgiving handle, versatility (it can be used with both hands), and simple effectiveness. For an example of the use of a peeler to create culinary delights, one could look no further than peeling potatoes or apples. More complex projects may require more complicated tools such as mandolins but in most cases, it takes just about any type of vegetable cutter that will cut through vegetables to good effect while keeping your fingers nearby so you do not accidentally lose them when slicing!

    vegetable peeler.jpg
    Kitchen Shears

    A kitchen is a place where you can find all the tools necessary to complete your culinary endeavors. From knife sets for slicing and chopping, ice cream scoops for shaping perfect spheres of frozen delight, or cutting boards that make life simple with their easy-to-clean material; it’s what makes cooking so much easier! But if there’s one tool in particular that stands out among others as an essential item on any chef’s checklist: scissors.

    The most common use for these handy little devices might be mundane tasks like cutting string off packages – but they’re also great at doing things more creative too! Try using them to cut fruit into slices, trimming excess skin from raw chicken breasts before marinating them overnight.

    kitchen shear.jpg
    Honing Steel

    Cleaning and sharpening your knives should be a priority. Knives will lose their edge quickly which means they are no longer useful. To preserve the long life of these tools, sharpen them every time you use them on something like meat or vegetables that might dull it more easily with its high-fiber content.

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